Information on the use of vital mushrooms to improve health has a millennial history. Among the Eastern peoples, they have earned the name "elixir of life" and are today used as a powerful remedy for a number of health problems. Each of the fungi has its own specificity, but it combines their powerful immunomodulatory action due to the specific polysaccharides (lentinan, laanol, ganoderane, linoleph, ghifolan, etc.).

The primary protective system for each person is the immune system, which contains three mutually related and complementary protective reactions - anatomical, inflammatory, immune. The first, anatomical, impedes the entry of external foreign agents into the body and is realized by skin and mucous membranes. If the first barrier is overcome, the external agents encounter the second defense - the inflatable. Local inflammation is induced

processes that aim at neutralizing external agents.

The last security element is the immune response, playing the most important role in the immune system. Τηky notkyotky τη notky τη τη τη not notot τηot τηot τηot τη not τη τη not notky notkyky not τη τη τη notot τη τηot notot τη notky notot τηot not τηot not τηky notky τηot τη τηkyky not τη not τη not This process is known as phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is performed by key cells - macrophages and T-lymphocytes after activation. It is the specific polysaccharides contained in the mushrooms that stimulate the T-lymphocytes, and on their part the macrophages, as a result of which the immune response of the organism is activated. The process itself is linked to the release of a high molecular protein that selectively destroys tumor cells, causing perforation of their outer membrane.

The main effect of the action of vital fungi is immunomodulatory. That is why they are a suitable tool not only in the case of existing diseases but also as a preventive means of improving the body's resistance and as a safe prophylaxis of the organism in frequent illnesses.

Based on the vital mushrooms, we have created a series of products in response to numerous expectations of additional support for human health. We have created products that have a unique composition and powerful biological activity to support the self-restraining forces of the body.