Cancer can now be cured, says Dr. Leon Caldwell

This is a very important film for everyone, it should be seen. Cancer is curable. Cancer treatment - this is an industry with a budget of trillions of dollars. Do you think they will give you something that can cure the disease?

Yes exactly. Cancer has been healing for a long time, and because of the terrible and abnormal agenda, millions have died, and trillions have been wasted. There are many cases in American history when our own agency (FDA) has been deliberately poisoning people. We know that they will do everything to make a lot of money and "bust" the American people at the same time. Please wake up.

Dr. Leon Caldwell (Coldwell, his site was suspended by the federal government for his great success in the treatment of cancer.

Since all seven brothers and sisters of my mother suffered from cancer and my grandmother died of cancer, and even my father died of cancer, I can tell you that I'm sure no one else has such a great experience with cancer like me. I saw him as a family member, son and grandson from the very beginning until he killed my relatives.

At that time, I saw more than 35,000 patients, and I had more than 2.2 million participants in seminars that they wrote to me, sending comments and life stories to me. I have more than 7 million readers of my newsletters and reports. I am a doctor who, in the opinion of leading experts, has the highest rate of cancer treatment in the world, Dr. Caldwell's statement is categorical.

In fact, I am convinced that I can cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had a legal platform to work with these people under Dr. Caldwell's scheme. "While the patient is ready and still able to do whatever is necessary, he will not need surgery, chemotherapy or exposure to radiation, there is no reason why cancer can not be cured in most people, he adds.

I'm sure I can cure him for a few weeks or a few months. But as the law and those who make money from suffering and even death do not allow me to apply my technique, I can not even tell you what to do or not to do, explains the doctor.

That's how the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry protect its trillions of dollars from the cancer industry. They "make politicians issue laws that kill people, or at least make them sick, and laws that prevent them from recovering. They can only make you even sicker and eventually cause your death by offering you a toxic, dangerous, and cruel treatment, "the doctor's report points out.

Here's Dr. Caldwell's system.

"Dr. Caldwell, you say that cancer is being treated for 2-16 weeks - can you tell us something more about it?"

- Our experience shows that each cancer is treated for 2 to 16 weeks; there are types of cancer that are treated for a few minutes

- Every doctor in the world who has practiced for at least 20 years knows cases of spontaneous healing - a book on Spontaneous Healing is written. As far as possible, we must find a way to achieve it. Often, pilgrims go to a place of healing, but the place does not heal them, and the hope and the path leading them there heals them.

Above all, we need to get rid of acidity and toxicosis. Our body needs to be enriched with oxygen, so when we eat green foods, that is, chlorophyll, there is too much oxygen in the body, enough calcium, with proper nutrition supplements containing trace elements to alkaline the body. Once we become alkaline - the cancer immediately stops. This process may take several days, a few weeks, but will cease.

The organism should be brought to a healing level of pH. The pH level can be from 0 to 14. The seventh level is neutral we have to become more alkaline than it. Level 7.36 is good, but during treatment we need to reach a pH of 7.5 and higher than this level.

Dr. Martin, a good friend of mine from Germany, is applying multilevel oxygen therapy - he takes blood, enriches it with ionized oxygen and introduces it back and forth - 12 times; As a result, the body gets absolutely new blood - like a newborn; thus eliminating hypoxia; when the blood is removed, it is almost black, the back blood is pink, it is like natural doping; when the person receives it, it is filled with energy and life force.

Injecting vitamin C, which I and my European colleagues use, and we generally know the intravenous injection of vitamin C.

One hundred cubes a day, three times a week, and in some cases we've been using it more often. And very often, believe it or not, the cancer or tumor for a few days practically disappears because vitamin C is so highly effective, it's one of the miracle medicines. Almost all cardiovascular problems can be cured with vitamin C - they want to get rid of it. We can only get it with a prescription and in a synthetic form that no longer works, as well as vitamin E.

Vitamin E primarily helps with blood pressure problems - it is treated very quickly and easily in any form, in any way, every kind, so a study was conducted with artificial vitamin E chemically created and we saw that it absolutely did not acting - chemicals do not work, they only harm; nature is what really works - illnesses arise in nature - it's the problem solving - that's all it is.

If something did not exist 100 years ago, it does not need it today either. If we want to understand how to cure cancer, we begin with vegetarian food and raw food. My friend-culinary has a book about raw food that costs only a few dollars, on his site there are movies about how to prepare them;

I would immediately offer raw meals, drink 4 liters of water daily (except when the patient is suffering from a rare kidney disease), half a teaspoon of sea salt in the water - we need salt for all the functions of the body we need from electronization, and it is created only by sufficient salt. Because of salt deficiency a problem with blood pressure occurs. They say that we should not use too much salt if we have high blood - so they have taught us, but the opposite is true.

The problem is that in such cases they mean table salt - it very often contains one third of glass, one third of sand and one third of salt. Glass and sand scratch the arteries that begin to bleed. Therefore, cholesterol is directed to them to stop bleeding so you do not die from internal bleeding.

That is why we are told that cholesterol causes high blood pressure because it narrows the arteries. This is a complete absurdity because we can not die from high cholesterol but from shortage. There are people cholesterol 60 and are completely healthy and have never suffered in their lives.

What they do with the patients in burns - they give patients 20 to 25 eggs daily, because they know that only cholesterol can quickly create new healthy cells; About 87 percent of our cells are built on cholesterol; at low cholesterol levels, our body can not create new cells.

They talk about good and bad cholesterol - HDL and LDL; it's not even about cholesterol - the protein is cholesterol - we start to understand the words of Dr. Gary Nile, Dr. Wallace and others who say that statistics have the shortest life for doctors - 56 years, the highest level of alcoholism and drug use, as well as the highest level of suicide - it is higher only for psychiatrists - and we are going to ask them how to live a long, healthy and happy life. I believe we need to change our thinking.

(Foods high in vitamin C: chili peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pineapple, kiwi, orange, lemon etc.)