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This unique proprietary blend of 9 pure herbs is specially formulated in excellent combination to exerts its maximum combination.
1. Eurycoma longifolia (also known as Tongkat Ali)
One of the most powerful male sexual performance enhancers in Malaysia and Indonesia
Active compound includes important amino acids that have testosterone enhancing properties
Not only improves sexual performance but also naturally increases testosterone which results in increased muscle mass and strength
Scientific studies have been conducted showing enhanced sexual characteristics and performanceRevitalizes sexual impotence
Also results in increased energy levels, endurance, stamina and reduced mental fatigue
Enhances sexual function and pleasure and is worldly renowned as a powerful aphrodisiacHelps with premature ejaculation to help the individual last longer
Natural so it doesn’t come with any side effects
A higher sex drive and libido
Longer and harder erections
Improve muscle mass and strength
A boost in energy and vitality
Increases bone mineral density
A sense of well being
Improve cognitive function
2. Butea superba extracts
The most powerful natural aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual desire in Thailand
Increased effect on rejuvenation and sexual vigor
Contains flavonoids which supports enhanced sexual performance and better erectile capacity
Provides vasodilation effect, which is present in male erectile dysfunction medication such as ViagraGives energetic feeling without any crashes
However this effect is 100% natural without any side effects
Proven to enhance sensitivity
Main benefits include:Commonly used by younger males to deal with premature ejaculation as it helps lengthen their performance time
Helps with premature ejaculation so the individual can last longer
Helps with weak erections
Helps with erectile dysfunction
Helps with impotence
Helps with painful penetration
Revives the feeling amongst men who have lost their desire to have sex or have a reduced desire to have sex

3. Ganoderma
One of the most powerful and beneficial health product in China and Japan
Labeled the “Elixir of Life” and reserved only for the emperors and kings
Helps to strengthen and calm the nerves and body for better performance
Improves blood circulation in the body for better sexual performance
Increases low sex drive
Strengthens the immune system and overall bodily functions for better physical performance
Sexual potentiator which helps multiply the effect of the other aphrodisiacs
While Viagra could be fatal to some heart patients, Ganoderma can be good for them and those suffering from high blood pressure.

4. Cordyceps
Boosts libido and sexual functions
Improves athletic performance
Also has muscle building capability as it strengthens the respiratory system to give extra energy to perform physical exercise
Rejuvenates the male’s sex abilityClinical study showed a significant 64% improvement in men’s sexual performance after taking Cordyceps
Acts as a potent male sex hormone to bring back youthful sexual functions and stamina
Helps increase blood flow by dilating the blood vessels

5. Black Pepper
Known as the King of Spices
Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac which warms and relaxes the muscles
Helps dilate the blood vessels for better circulation
Increases libido and helps motivate the body’s fire energy
Stimulates the taste buds which sends an alert to the body
Helps with the improvement of digestion to properly absorb the other materials in Potenzhi for maximum benefits
Stimulates the other ingredients
Helps break down fat to give you extra energy to use during performance

6. Celery
Nourishing vegetable that gives high energy to the body
Negative calorie food that helps in burning extra fat in the body
Androsterone:Also helps with stronger erections and more semen production
Powerful male hormone released naturally through the sweat glands that stimulates sexual arousal in females
Proven to have an arousing effect on females while performing
Affects your psychological and physical sexual response as the female will be more receptive and responsive, which will make you more confident and perform better
Celery increases the level of Androsterone created by your body
Labeled as the Best Natural Sex Food

7. Green Tea
Helps with better absorption of the food and other ingredients
Contains natural anti-oxidants to eliminate free radicals which can cause stress and damage to the cells that in turn affects performance
Contains important nutrients needed by the body to boost energy
Helps improve endurance

8. Root of Lalang
Helps with blood circulation to ensure adequate blood is being pumped in the needed areas
Used to deal with individuals with erectile dysfunction
Helps with premature ejaculation that result in longer lasting performance

9 Stem of Kayu Secang
Enhance blood circulation for longer and stronger erections
Warms up the body to increase libido
Increases female sensitivity to the bodily warmth
Increases sensitivity to the female’s sense of touch as well

Potenzhi is a specially formulated mixture of all these powerful 9 ingredients
Contains the highest quality and strength of products
100% natural without any side effects
The All-In-One Male Performance Enhancer
Natural techniques to use with Potenzhi

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