Ganotherapy - The way to be healthy

  1. 1. Ganotherapy is A LINE OF THOUGHT consisting of 4 observation theories that explain how Ganoderma helps support the human body to overcome its own health problems Additional info: Gano: bright Derma: skin Lucidum : shining Ganoderma Lucidum : Latin word (scientific name for mushroom) 38,000 species of mushroom available in the world 2,000 species of mushroom are edible (can be consumed) 36,000 non-edible (cannot be consumed) 200 species of mushroom have therapeutic values/medicinal values DXN 6 species mushroom is within the 200 species DXN cultivate this 6 species of mushroom individually
  2. 2. • Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are 3 categories of herb and they call it the fair, average and superior.Fair-helps cure sickness but does not necessarily promote balance in the body like western medicine-which is site and disease. Average-promotes balance but does not help cure; considered as “tonic”- this is the multivitamin. Vitamin C, etc.Superior- helps recover from sickness and promote balance in body systems and Ganoderma is considered as superior one
  3. 3. • The red mushroom is associated with the ancient goddess Reishi Senshi who was a deity of health, life and eternal youth.The emperors of the ancient days kept the secret to themselves and revered the red mushroom so much that it was also called: The “Soup of the Emperor with a Thousand Mistresses”.It is also called “Divine Herb that energizes the “Chi or Life Force”
  4. 4. • DXN uses 6 species of red mushrooms for our products. Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name of mushroom. Gano means “bright” derma means “skin” and lucidum is “shinny”. The Chinese calls it Lingzhi, the Japanese named it Reishi after the name of their goddess of beauty and the Filipino calls it KabuteThe 6 species red mushroom are: Heart Gano, Kimshen Gano, Liver Gano, Ruyi Gano, Brain Gano and Peacock Gano.
  5. 5. • Ganoderma is a mushroomJust like any other natural food • But it’s very rich in nutrientsGanoderma is a food supplementThat helps to support the body in a holistic way to maintain health and wellness by preventionIn contrast to this, conventional medicine work on segmental basis by using drug to treat disease for correctionAdditional info:Holistic : means treat the whole body approach.Webster’s defines holistic as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts
  6. 6. To attain optimum health, the 4 pillars of health need to be observed. Failing in any area will result in the body having too much toxin and being out of balanceAdditional info:The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "not merely the absence of disease or infirmity," but "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being."
  7. 7. • Our body is constantly exposed to excessive toxins, free radicals, chemicals, stress, unhealthy modern lifestyle and eating habitEating too muchEating too oftenEating too fastEating too much acidic foodCooked food and less vegetableWill accumulate toxins and create health problem for your bodyToxin comes from:Internal (anything excess in the body. E.g fat, cholesterol, sugar)External (from food, air, sunlight, water)
  8. 8. • When toxin accumulate in your bodyIt has its own defenses system to overcome in 3 phases called:Discharge phasePut aside phaseTumor developing phase
  9. 9. • During the 1st level of defense or the discharge phaseThe toxin will be discharged from the body as sweat, urine, phlegm and stoolsAdditional info:2 types of toxin:Water soluble (discharge thru sweat, urine, stool)Non-water soluble (discharge thru rashes, boils)Definition of toxin : anything in excess and/or not required by the bodyDefinition of imbalance : if a body is not functioning as it should, the body is in imbalance
  10. 10. If the body is unable to discharge the toxinsThe toxins will either be crystallized into uric acid and stone • Or combined with other inert materials to form cholesterol and fatThat’s why many people develop into obesity, overweight, joint pain and high cholesterol
  11. 11. • Knowing the 2 main causes of health problem arises from toxin and imbalance of the body,DXN has introduced 2 main products namelyRG to support the body in detoxificationGL to support the body in balancingRG and GL are organic and natural products made from the fruit and the root body of Ganoderma respectively
  12. 12. • The red mushroom was considered a superior herb and was discovered to contain active ingredients like: Polysaccharide - effective in strengthening the immune system of the body which builds resistance and helps fight cancerAdenosine-helps energize nerve cells and helps improve blood circulation in the heartTriterpenes- aid the body in fighting stress, regulating the hormones, lowering of hypertension and bad cholesterols, and cleansing the liverOrganic Germanium-powerful antioxidant that neutralizes many toxins in the body and helps delay the agingOther elements are helpful in preventing asthma, allergic reactions, and hypertension
  13. 13. • Broadly, all our body health problem arises from 2 main causes namely toxin and imbalance of the bodyThis is the 1st observation theory of GanotherapyCan you quote any example of health problem that cannot be classified under these 2 main causes?e.gArthritis AsthmaDiabeticsAidsetc
  14. 14. • The 2nd observation theoryStates that Ganoderma support the body andThe body takes care of its own health problemsGanoderma never act on all health problemsIt is the body that does so with the support of Ganoderma Additional info:Can Ganoderma cure disease?Ganoderma cannot cure diseaseWhy then we consume RG and GL?Because Ganoderma supports the body to take care of its problemsIn the ABC rule, A is the Ganoderma, B is the Body and C is the Health Problem. A acts on B and B in turn acts on C.Ganoderma supports the body by having multiple effects on all organs with the whole array of ingredients present in it, working like an orchestra.
  15. 15. The 3rd observation theoryIt is not the Ganoderma that cause the ailment reflection But the body itself trying to discharge the toxin and after that starts the process of balancing.Additional info:Example of ailment reflection:numbness due to poor blood circulationred eyes due to poor condition of the liverears block due to poor kidney conditionulcer due to poor stomachAll this is caused by scanning and detoxificationBlinking Light (indication that there’s problem within –ailment reflection)when a car is having engine problem, the panel board will show a blinking lightthis blinking light indicates the car engine is having problemcan the engine problem be solved by switching off the blinking light?No, the car has to be repaired by a mechanic who will go into the system of the engine
  16. 16. • The 4th observation theoryStates the recommended dosage for optimum healthFor 1st week of consumption, it’s recommended to take 1 pair of RG/GL per dayThen proceed up to 6 pairs on the 4th weekIf ailment reflection is strong, then the dosage must be reduced to half until it is manageable by the bodyWhen the body is fighting against serious health problem, it needs stronger support by having intermediate dosage of 12 to 18 pairs per day. In acute health problem where survival is at stake, mega dosage of 30 pairs per day is needed to support the body.
  17. 17. • Do you know that what is good for your stomach is good for your face?Do you also know that our skin is the largest organ in the body?Because of this you can apply our RG/GL, Spirulina and even Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 on your face as a mask for beautification or even for whole bodyFurthermore, our skin being exposed to too much toxins, free radicals, chemicals, radiation and stressDXN personal care products are natural products that serve to protect the skin and also as nutrition for the skinAdditional info:Sell DXN products as a PACKAGE:- Sell RG and GL as food supplement- Sell Spirulina as food proper- Sell RG, GL and Spirulina as a packageAs a General of an army, if he can command the whole army of soldiers as if he is commanding one soldier, then he is a good GeneralSimilarly, as a distributor of DXN, if you can sell all products as if you are selling one product, then you are a successful distributor
  18. 18. • Who can consume and use DXN products?Since DXN products are natural health productsThe products are suitable for all categories of people covering from infant to old age and the sick peopleAdditional info:Who can take Ganoderma?From WOMB TO TOMBWho are our customers?The 7 groups of human being • 1st group - pregnant womanphysical strengthmental peacegood nutritionbetter immunityhormonal balancesafe and healthy deliveryhealthy intelligent child • 2nd group - infantsstrong immunitybetter brain developmentgood nutritionbetter overall growthstrong physique • 3rd group - school children/studentsprotection from infectionsenhanced concentration in studiesmanaging stresshigher energy levelsoverall developmentgood performance in sports, etc • 4th group - teenagersBest cosmetic in the worldPreserves youthfulnessControls allergiesBeautifies skin Maintains endocrine balanceGood against pimples and hair lossObesity controlReduces mental stress and tension • 5th group - married couplesHealthVigor and vitalityGood sexual performanceProtection from diseases and disordersInfertility and potency improvement • Magic Formula:4 + 1 + 1 + 104 capsules of GL1 sachet of Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 11 tea spoonful of Morinzhi10 tablets of Spirulina4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 104 capsules of GL1 sachet of Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 11 egg yolk1 teaspoonful of Honey10 tablets of SpirulinaIt is good for man as well as woman • 6th group - seniorsCompliments other treatmentsHealth/EnergyWell beingPeaceful and alertProtection from diseases • 7th group - sick peopleGanoderma supports the body:To improve immune systemTo improve quality of lifeTo accelerate recoveryTo act as an orchestra to overcome health problems
  19. 19. • Aside from the four observation theories, there are also other helpful health theories that we need to know in understanding our body’s functions towards the food that we eat.
  20. 20. • Do you know that our red blood cells can last for only 120 days?Our body has to produce red blood cells everydayTo produce red blood cellsThe body need 2 raw materials called iron and chlorophyllChlorophyll can only be found in green vegetablesDo you eat sufficient vegetables everyday?Most likely notThen what will happen?Your red blood cells have to be recycledThe recycling process involves the spleen, liver and kidneyAnd it is a very complicated processIf this will be allowed for long period of timeThis organ will fail and give rise to serious health problemTo avoid this from happeningDXN offers you the best green food calledSpirulinaWhich is very rich in chlorophyll besides many other ingredients.Spirulina is declared as the Most Ideal Health Food For The 21st Century by the United Nation in 1981.
  21. 21. • Our human body needs the proper combination of 4 parts of alkaline food to 1 part of acidic food for optimum healthBasing on the food that we take everydayIt always happen to be the reverseWe tend to take more meat and soft drinks more than vegetables, fruit and grainsTherefore, we need alkaline food supplement to neutralize the acidity in our bodyDXN has a range of alkaline health products, such asRG/GLSpica TeaLingzhi Coffee 3 in 1SpirulinaMorinzhiFor this purpose
  22. 22. • Many people having diabetes never realize the root cause is from the food they eatDiabetes is caused by pancreas problem which is in turn cause by poor digestion due to food lacking in enzymeMost of the food we eat are cooked foodAnd which most enzyme have been destroyed resulting in the pancreas having to work extra timeIf the pancreas is force to work extra time over a long period of timeIt will sooner or later be out of balance and give rise to diabetesIt is not likely for us to consume raw food for every mealThat’s where DXN provide you with enzyme products, such asRG/GL , Spirulina, Morinzyme and Cordypine.
  23. 23. • The quality of DXN products is certified by international quality control bodiesIncluding TGA from Australia, which has one of the world’s most stringent quality control standards Product Liability Insurance that insure users of RM2 million Direct Sales License, MalaysiaBFAD. The body that certifies all food and drug products sold in the Philippine market.
  24. 24. • Do you know that there are so many independent articles in the website about Ganoderma, spirulina, morinzyme, mushroom, cordyceps and others that are available for our references?It is good to visit this website for more knowledge about all this natural products so that you can be sure of the elements found inside them.
  25. 25. • Make sure you find time and spend some money for your health before it’s too lateDXN products helps your body maintain optimum healthGive them a trial and you will feel the efficacy of DXN products in the natural wayThank you very much for spending your precious time with us.