• Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1

Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1 is specially formulated from instant coffee powder added with Cordyceps extract. This unique formulation makes a smooth and aromatic coffee to zest up your day by:
Increasing energy level.
Overcoming fatigue.
Creating alertness.

Cordyceps Benefits:
Enhancing and strengthening of the immune system
Cordyceps will increase the number of the Natural Killer Cells, which are responsible for the body defense against viruses and bacteria. Some trials show that the fungus works effectively in the leukemia stricken individuals.

Improving sexual function
In men and increasing libido by stimulating the production of sex hormones. Cordyceps may also be a means for fighting female infertility.

Building muscles and improving physical performance
Some Chinese athletes, who use Cordyceps, tend to show better results than the other sportsmen.

Providing anti-aging and fatigue reducing effects
The fungus works as an antioxidant and increases cellular formation, especially in the elderly patients. It also promotes more restful sleep, soothes the nervous system, and reduces anxiety, thus working as a sedative.

Improving the respiratory function
Cordyceps shows good results in fighting against cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma, since it relaxes bronchial walls and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Enhancing cellular oxygen uptake
This benefits all the body systems, giving them more energy and vitality.

Benefiting vascular system by improving circulation, regulating blood pressure, and strengthening the heart muscle.

Protecting liver and kidneys
Cordyceps improves blood flow to these organs (as well as to the others), which results in their better activity and ability to fight the diseases, including Hepatitis and chronic kidney disease.

Relax and recharge with every cup.

Packaging size: Box of 20 sachets

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Cordyceps Coffee 3 in 1

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