Why is there an alkaline diet?

The alkaline diet brings us extra energy and that is why it directly affects our good health and self-esteem.

Alkaline foods have been shown to help prevent cancer, as cancer cells develop more easily in acidic environments.

On the other hand, an alkaline diet can even be considered a diet for detox if it is composed of vegetables such as green vegetables will help us to lose weight if we properly combine our food.

Our bones will also improve because the acidic environment favors the reduction in bone density. For this reason, the consumption of alkaline foods is more than recommended for women who have entered menopause.

Our digestive system will also be improved because, through an alkaline diet, we compensate for the natural acidity of the stomach.

Risks of acidification in the body

The lack of alkaline foods can cause various problems such as reducing the body's ability to absorb certain minerals and nutrients, the production of energy in cells and their ability to repair, detoxify heavy metals and fight tumor cells.

Excessive consumption of acidic foods is due to the stereotyped eating habits of our society. We have to change our habit of taking over 30% of acidic foods (dishes containing meat, eggs, dairy products, white flour, beverages and sugars). To correct the imbalance of ph and enjoy our good health, and our ideal weight is to change the diet and take over 70% of raw foods and alkalinising food supplements.

Oriental Organic Medicine aims to restore the lost inner balance needed for human health and looks at the organism in its entirety and interrelations, based on traditions, knowledge and experience.