Konstantin Hering is one of the forerunners of holistic medicine and the founder of naturopathy. He has discovered an important mechanism known as the HERING LAW.

In the course of true healing, the symptoms move from the inside of the body outward to the skin, from the more important organs to the less important, from the upper parts of the body to the lower ones (from head to limbs).

The symptoms of the disease disappear in the order opposite to their appearance / first the newest, then the oldest and finally the oldest /. It takes months for each symptom to disappear, as long as it has existed.

Healing comes from mental to physical symptoms / for example, if depression is treated properly and disappears, body symptoms such as pneumonia, etc. will appear /

The deterioration of health (often through suppressing drug therapy) takes place in the opposite order: from the outside in, from the bottom up, from the less important to the more important organs and systems and from the body to the psyche. That is why the pneumonia that emerged during the treatment of one depression / discussed above / should not be suppressed with antibiotics, because if it "disappears" after such suppression, the depression will get worse.

Another example: a child is suffering from an acute viral infection. He is given antibiotics and antipyretics, to which he is allergic. Trying to throw the disease out, the child develops an allergic rash. To "prevent" him from "complications", his doctor injects urbazone.This leads to optic rash, and so the disease "disappears" from the skin only to get inward, for example to the mucous membranes of the nose or lungs. After a few weeks the child develops acute sinusitis or bronchitis, which are again suppressed - this time with another antibiotic, but just in case o he is prescribed cortisone to prevent allergies. So after a few more weeks, the disease becomes entrenched in the lungs - the child begins to receive asthma attacks. Other internal organs such as the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, etc. are involved in the disease. Not much time passes and the child begins to change - it becomes capricious, anxious, irritable and fearful. ignorance ...

These examples, and countless others, explain why people who frequently use healthcare services are gradually deteriorating their quality of life. The blame for the gradual deterioration of health lies, among other things, in such medical branches as dermatology, allergy, rheumatology, pediatrics, pediatrics, pediatrics, pediatrics diseases and, above all, pharmacotherapy.

Hardly any single person would be able to clear the Augean barns of modern Western conventional medicine and pharmacy from all the evils that it brings to humans as a systematic treatment of symptom suppression.Most people make no distinction between true cure and simple suppression of symptoms, only to get to other, deeper symptoms over time.This is due to ignorance and low health culture. At no standard school do children study the Herring Law, or any aspect of true health.

We are healing from the head down.

This means that before we can heal, we must believe that we can heal. We must be mentally prepared and strong to enable the body to heal. We need not doubt the wisdom of nature and ability of the body to heal itself.

We are healing from the inside out.

This means that we must allow the body to purify itself in order to be free of toxins. It must not prevent the body from discarding secretions, such as runny nose, phlegm, mucus, pus. rather than suppressing it with chemistry.Most medicines suppress the discharge of secretions.This is not good as toxins can penetrate deeper into the body and cause other problems.

The symptoms disappear in an order opposite to their onset.

This means that the last problem that has been suppressed is the first problem that will be solved by the body during the healing process.

For example: The last problem was a sinus infection that was suppressed with drugs that stop sneezing, coughing, runny nose. In order to be cured, we need to get rid of these toxins. toxins, or throw them away by other methods: through the lungs in the form of a large amount of phlegm, through the skin in the form of rashes or through the colon as mucous stools containing residues from foods consumed long ago. These are just a few ways to t lotto be treated.

A common cold disorder is the common cold. It is a way for the body to eliminate the accumulated toxins, which is done by removing mucus and pus from the mucous membranes. Therefore, it is better to take in more pure hot water, light foods that do not bring mucus, and toxins / mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled potatoes, herbal teas /.